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Why Use Horses for Therapy?

People often fear or are intimidated by horses. Equine therapy can enable clients to overcome their fears and to develop self-confidence. These life changing breakthroughs can be incorporated into our clients’ personal lives. Our clients learn coping techniques and gain confidence to deal with other intimidating and challenging situations in their lives. In short, horse therapy becomes a metaphor for a happy and healthy life.

How do we achieve these monumental results? First, our clients learn that horses are like humans in many ways. They are social; they want and need acceptance from their peers; they have defined roles in their herd. Each horse has a unique personality. That personality reveals itself during therapy sessions. Because horses are nonverbal communicators, they are sensitive to a client’s intentional and subconscious messages and non-verbal cues. The adage that a horse smells fear is true. Horses sense things about their environment and people in it. Using experienced horses, who are aware of a client’s special needs, we can help clients make breakthroughs that traditional therapy cannot attain. Clients form bonds with our horses. Those connections help to create positive changes in our clients’ lives.

Spirit Therapeutic Equestrian Program provides a beautiful outdoor environment to interact with the horses – safely. Our non-mounted therapy provides many wonderful opportunities for bonding experiences; those bonds enable our clients to attain successes they did not envision as possible.  Come experience the healing power of horses.